What is Dyno Tuning?

Dyno Tuning is the adjustment of the air/fuel ratios at various throttle positions for maximum horsepower and torque.  Here at A-1 Parts we utilize a DynoJet dynamometer and DynoJet trained technicians to perform the tuning on your motorcycle.

Can any motorcycle go on the Dyno?

Our Dyno has the ability to work with any make or model motorcycle, as long as it will fit.  Due to length limitations we are unable to take some choppers and stretched bikes.  In the case of fuel injected bikes it has been our experience that off the shelf maps for download do not yield the greatest potential for a motorcycle. It is in the experienced hands of a seasoned technician where you can "tweak" the numbers and even the power curve.

Are there any requirements my bike must meet to have A-1 Dyno Tune my bike?

Your bike must be in good running condition.  Dyno tuning is available for both carbureted and fuel injected bikes. However, there are only so many adjustments that can be done to a carbureted bike.  Fuel injected bikes must be equipped with a DynoJet Power Commander.

What kind of performance improvements can I expect?

It varies. Depending on the age and maintenance of the motorcycle, results can vary widely. Whatever the case, you can ALWAYS improve performance. The following chart provides a sample of performance improvement, including a smoother power curve and increased horsepower and torque.


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